Exhibit 3.2

I saw the Chiara Quartet last night at the Kimball Recital Hall, and once again they were fantastic. Check their website for concert dates and make it a point to see them if they're ever in your area.

The pieces they played were written specifically for them by Jefferson Friedman--who was in the house last night--and they're phenomenal. I can't say I often listen to "classical" music (modern or otherwise) so seeing them twice now has been a bit of a revelation for me. They are recording the Friedman pieces soon, they say, and consider me in line to pick them up.

The two things Dusty said to me during the intermission:
  • "Which one is your favorite?" (as if we were seven-year-olds talking about the Ninja Turtles)

  • Turning to me excitedly, "An elderly person just opened a hard candy!"


Dusty said...

Well I called her "a senior" and that she "unwrapped" a hard candy, but I like the idea of opening hard candies much better.

No word on whether it was a Werther's Original.

A. Peterson said...

Frankly, I'm just shocked "unwrapping" isn't the metaphor you chose for composition.

Students could "unwrap" their feelings and place them under the "microscope."

The book pretty much writes itself from there, Dusty.

The sequel could be all about your revolutionary idea that students should "go deeper."