Exhibit 1.5.14


* If I'd never worked a job, I probably would doubt the authenticity of this guide to 90s slang from Express. But I have worked a job and, yep, someone got paid to do that. My only regret is that it wasn't me.

* My favorite similar corporate awareness vacuum was a branding guide full of charts explaining what celebrities a bank was like (Anderson Cooper) and not like (Madonna) with detailed reasons for why. So basically the bank wanted to be an asexual silver fox in favor of more traditional bra designs instead of, you know, a bank.

* Here's Brett:

* In the last two days on Twitter I've made a somewhat obscure Juliana Hatfield joke and a League of Women Voters joke. O, and one about Rizzoli and Isles. Feeling pretty proud of myself. Might just have to quit while I'm on top.

* The Cupboard, by the way, is now on Twitter here. Follow.

* That's all I've got. Unless you want to talk about Game of Thrones. No? Fine.


jimStock said...

My delight slowly faded away reading that list -- did we need/use that many slang terms for guns?

What was going on in Express stores in the 90's?

Rebecca Hazelton said...

game of thrones game of thrones game of thrones. mostly I just want to say I like so much that game of thrones has a short woman in it. Daenerys = my white haired wish list.

mark said...

I still remember that brand guide! I love how they wanted to be Ray Ramano but NOT Andrew Dice Clay...as if the latter needed to be said, by anyone, at anytime. I don't even think ADC wants to be ADC.

PS - i once got 2 twitter followers by mentioning the forgotten TV Show 227. I think they are still with me.