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Question Time

J. Stock asks, Author branding question here:If you were to add a stylistic third 'middle name', what would it be?

I'm going to answer this here because A) I'm really only writing this blog for J. Stock at this point and B) It's a good question.

When I first started writing I thought I needed a cooler name, both because Adam Peterson is common enough another writer might share it and because, I don't know, cooler names are cooler (I could name authors I think are twice as popular as they would otherwise be because of good names but I won't).

Still, I'll admit I never thought about Cougar-ing up my name. If anything, I considered going with A. William Peterson because...I don't know. I'm an idiot?

Middle name options:

1) Dagger - My go-to fake cool guy name.

2) Stone - Because my friend Justin always named his RPG characters this and I thought it was cool and Justin doesn't write so screw Justin.

3) Adam - People would be like, "Have you read Adam Adam Peterson's new tiny book?" And other people would be like, "No."

4) Sarah - People would be like, "Is that a man or a woman?" And other people would be like, "We don't know and we're his parents."

5) Pepsi - I could either go uber-hipster or uber-sell out with it.

6) Night - No way that could go wrong.

7) Toni Morrison - Just because it would be confusing and everyone would ask if we were related although probably not.

8) Adrian - Same.

9) Pope - Because it could easily transition into a fallback career.

10) Wladimir - I've always loved those crazy half-Russian names that Cubans sometimes have. I want one. Now. I'll swim there.


A. Peterson said...

O, and:

11) Safran - Because there can be only one.

JSA Lowe said...

Go with Sarah! Then you can be like Jennifer Michael Hecht and/or Joshua Marie Wilkinson. Only, you know. Better.

Elisa said...

Adam Adam Peterson is totally believable.

jimStock said...

Something about 'Pepsi' I like. I could see 12 packs with an enclosed chapbook, primarily detailing nutrition information.

Anonymous said...

this is the best blog entry i've read all year