Exhibit 1.4.17

Things I Hope People at This Coffeeshop Are Thinking About Me

* Wow, a Macbook. He must be doing art not updating his fantasy football team.

* Wow, a Macbook and iPod, he's stylish yet independent in a way we, with our totally purchased just to conform Macbooks, can only aspire to be.

* That probably isn't the J. Geil's Band we're hearing from his headphones.

* Let's bother him in this small, 2-hour window we have before he starts grading that stack of papers.

* I bet he's an individual who has thoughts on Barthes's Writing Degree Zero and thus making him write about it would be pointless. We'll tell everyone.

* He's in law school.

* I bet he snuck some whiskey into that double-caramel caramel macchiato because he just looks like that sort of guy.

* He probably doesn't want to talk about the Kansas City Royals, but I'm going to ask anyway just in case.

* His computer is angled slightly away so it will be impossible for us to read his short story which we were totally going to do if given a more advantageous angle by which we might have experienced his work that the world is apparently not ready for yet (geometrically speaking).

* Hard to believe someone with such a carefully curated homeless look doesn't have somewhere better to be at 1:30 on a Wednesday.

* Look at the way he doesn't even look up when people are walking by. He's really locked in...O, nope, he's staring at us.

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