Exhibit 1.3.17

Royals Thoughts

Eric Hosmer, Kyle Davies, Tim Collins, Chris Getz

What each Royal is presumably thinking during this picture. Royals hat-tip to Anders for sending me both links.

Hosmer: Hey, Stephen Malkmus knows who I am! Just like I know that "Jenny and the Ess-Dog" is the best song he's ever written. Well, there's "Tide to the Oceans" but that's a Silver Jews song and really it's only co-written.

Davies: I can't believe they haven't caught on to the fact that I haven't been on this team for two months. Just keep wearing blue and showing up every five days and nobody asks questions. It's unbelievable. Kinko's figured it out after a month, and I was even good at that job. Maybe if I throw left-handed next start...

Collins: Wait until I tell the Make-A-Wish Foundation how well this worked out. Sure, I might be Benjamin Button-ing back into a baby, but at least I look cool with my glasses hung like this...O, go to hell, Getz.

Getz: If I get released am I going to disappear from this picture like Marty McFly? I should ask Davies if that keeps him up at night, too. I wonder if he's Jewish. I'd like a Jewish friend. His real first name is Hiram and Hiram Davies sounds Jewish, but he's also from Georgia...wait, is Hosmer humming "Cut Your Hair"?

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Anders Peterson said...

HA! gold soundz reference-- MAJOR LEAGUES reference-- as evidenced by his haircut, tim collins' stylist is a hold-over from the victorian era (cut your hair indeed); getz works on wall street/as an orthodontist when he's not sucking at going to his left or at making (jewish?) friends and hosmer proves jesus christ wudn't white/gets the same bad rookie haircut advice as tc (you can count these [crow, adcock, et al] along with the rest of soria's blown saves this year). also: kyle davies is an underperforming roadie for spiral stairs in the off-season. RANGE LIFE! ROYALS.