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Need to Figure This Out

So I keep going back and forth on this point, and I can't decide: Did the dinosaur hunter guy from Jurassic Park use his final breath to make a Total Recall reference before being mauled by velociraptors?

Evidence for:

1) Said to a "girl"

2) This girl had been "clever"

Evidence against:

1) He's about to die making it an odd thing to choose as one's final words regardless of the quote's appropriateness in the situation (sort of like if you were stabbed and said, "If it bleeds, we can kill it." before, you know, dying).

2) No other evidence he's a Total Recall fan

Okay, that's pretty much it.

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Dave Madden said...

Well, I've seen neither of these movies twice, but if you quizzed me which famous movie had the line, "Clever girl" I'd've said Jurassic Park.

So it's probably that Total Recall was somehow referencing the Jurassic Park it knew had to get made one day. That sort of shit happens all the time now.