Exhibit 1.2.19


* The indispensable NewPages blogged about The Cupboard (and our contest) here. Very grateful for the coverage from a source we (and everyone else) use all the time.

* O, yeah, thanks for asking: we are having a contest. Tell your friends, please. Only 10 days left.

* Speaking of us, Dave's book got a great review from Publisher's Weekly here and em's taken a tenure-track job here. Go Anchormen!

(Serious question: that's an awesome mascot, but what do they call the women's teams? Are they the Anchorwomen? Is it too much to hope they're the RI College Lady Anchormen?)

* While D and e were accomplishing things, I was making a snarky joke at one noted MFA program ranker's expense here mostly to see what would happen. Um, results as expected.

* Seriously though, Glenn's tournament thing is really fun. Read his blog.

* I've always appreciated how Jeff Tweedy buys unlit cigarettes. I bet Lou Reed doesn't.

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carlinthemarlin said...

I think lit cigarettes just kind of grow out of Lou Reed's mouth.