Exhibit 1.2.14

Migraine Symptoms

Migraines never actually hurt. If you have something that hurts, it isn't a migraine. It's something else. Probably the terror measles. I'm very sorry for your family's upcoming loss.

You're only having a migraine if you're experiencing the following:

* A phenomenal deal at Papa Johns

* A reluctance to admit you're watching Castle

* Poprocks tongue

* A sudden and profound appreciation for those cookies they serve with coffee on airplanes

* Hand tremors

* Also, Tremor tremors

* A greater than normal avoidance for grading papers

* The ol' jimmy ghost

* Some terrible story you wrote that's about a columbarium

* The sensation of having recently learned the word columbarium

* Owls, everywhere, owls


jimStock said...

I mean he's a writer...? Why the hell does the police force just allow him to ride along with the hot cop? I thought I saw him driving a squad car in the last episode.

Confusing and misaligned. Plus she doesn't love him.

A. Peterson said...

Hey, Beckett loves Castle. Or at least I would think so if I knew who we were talking about. I would also think she needs to be sure he's not just some playboy before exposing herself to rejection.

Last episode was great because it involved a terror attack that could kill millions being investigated solely by the NYPD homicide unit, a writer, and a guy married to a Dixie Chick.

Other favorite Castle things:

* When the cops need backup and so they just give Castle a gun and everyone seems okay with this solution.

* The creepily sexual way his daughter interacted with Castle in the first season.

* The way I never want to Hulu it but always do because the episode description drags me in. Seriously, every one is like: "Beckett and Castle have to unravel the mystery...of their hearts."

jimStock said...

"* When the cops need backup and so they just give Castle a gun and everyone seems okay with this solution."

See, right there, that's what I can't get past. No one says anything. Like Castle stumbled upon the Chief's collection of kiddie porn and he's receiving retributions for keeping hush, in the form of reckless, albeit sleuthy, crime fighting.

Me after watching part of last week's episode, my first Castle viewing: "Why is there a bloody scalpel in the show's logo?

My wife: "Its a pen. He's a writer."

Me: "The cops deferred the defusing of a nuclear bomb to John Grisham?"

My wife: (hits record on the DVR)

A. Peterson said...

Supposedly Castle gets to do this because he's friends with the mayor and wanted to write a book based on Beckett. However, it's now gone on long enough they barely even bring this premise up. We're all supposed to be content that this is a world where murders are solved by a combination of models, Dean Koontz, and Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats.