Exhibit 1.1.16


* (mostly of the promotional variety)

* Sorry.

* Look, I took a new picture of Borgstrom's Explanations:

* Doesn't it look nice? Don't you want one? Don't you think my parents' carpet looks properly vacuumed?

* Speaking of Explanations, it made Sherrie Flick's list of the year's best books in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Very proud of Andrew and very grateful to Miss Flick.

* In other Cupboard good news, the fine folks at FlashFiction.Net reviewed Joshua Cohen's volume here and had nice things to say about it and the other pamphlets. Grateful to them as well.

* And, while I'm at it, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Cohen's Witz is on a number of year's best lists itself. Pick it up from Dalkey.

* O, well, now I can't stop. Lots of similar attention for Chris Higgs's The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney which you can and should get from SATOR here.

* Two quick things from me. One, American Short Fiction's blog is doing a really cool Atlas project for all of their web stories. You should check them all out and mine for "In Space, Smiling" is right here. It's such a good idea that I wish I'd thought of it. If only The Cupboard had a blog. Alas.

* Two, We Who Are About to Die asked stamp stories contributors to review their own story. Mine is here. I became pretty worried when I read the other reviews (like Dave's) and felt like I completely missed the point. Still, there it is. Enjoy.

* To make up for all of that, please enjoy this clip from The Critic:


Dave Madden said...

I don't know that you missed the point of the self-review things, but I do know that the "assignment" such as it were asked that the reviews be longer than 50 words. Yours is not. Check-minus.

A. Peterson said...

I'll have you know the review is the same length as my stamp story which I found to be fitting with the spirit of the assignment.

Also, by the time I wrote it, I'd forgotten the spirit of the assignment.

This was right after the robbery when I failed at the following things: this review, drafting a fantasy football team, writing a coherent syllabus, and reacquiring my dog.

The good folks at WWAAtD were nice enough not to say anything. Thanks to them.

christopher higgs said...

Thanks for the Mooney shout out, Adam!

I liked both yours and Dave's stamp story thing at WWAATD -- I unfortunately neglected to respond to their request for a self-review...now I sort of wish I would've done it.

Anyhow...hope all is well in Texas. Hope you have a good New Year!