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I previously displayed my parents' decor here, and, if anything, over the holidays their house becomes even more of the place it is. There is not a flat surface that cannot be covered with hand-painted reindeer, holly-covered tea pots, and stocking-shaped jars full of candy canes. I'm not against this at all. I like candy canes and unusually shaped jars as much as the next reveller.

This year, the family has added this clever display:

Look, it's a framed doily with our name on it, a single candle resting in a bowl of potpourri, a wooden Santa, and, just off screen, a Santa holding several American flags. (Ed note: I'm sorry, I just couldn't put that one on the internet. My parents aren't those people they just...I don't know...they like crafts? come from Nebraska? were gifted one Tea Partying Santa that basically says Suck it, other countries, Santa's ours?). And of course there's the very clever little Scrabble display which could just as easily be:

Or maybe:

And the classic:

My mom threw out "ANT ASS," but I think the winner, done with surreptitiously acquired extra Scrabble pieces, is:

Santa is an American which means Santa is down with free speech. Here he's showing his support for 2 Live Crew's album As Nasty As They Wanna Be. Now I know why I got that for Christmas in 1990. And the real album, mind you, not the one with "Funk Shop." Word, Santa. Word.


jimStock said...

We also have our surname tediously woven into a fancy napkin, matted, and framed.
This must be the midwest's equivalent of commissioning a bronze statue.
"Look how powerful we are, everyone else! Why, our name is immortalized in doil! Fear the delicacy!"

Dave Madden said...

A home in Tuscaloosa yer folks may love

Anders Peterson said...

it'd be such a pleasure to meet these people who produced you. "santa's satans as nasty as tan ass, ass nat, ant ass" spells "holiday cheer" for this peterson.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can always stop by Legends... mz