Exhibit 1.1.11

Perfectly Reasonable Questions about Babies

These are things I've had to ask in the last two days thanks to the nephew, Charlie. Charlie, by the way, has a blog of his own right here.

* Does the baby count on a dinner reservation?

* Wait, why do we think he's too hot? Are we sure babies can be hot?

* I know you said I don't have to hold his head anymore, but I won't hurt him if I hold it, right?

* So when he spits up I just stab his face with this towel? I mean dab, dab his face.

* I know it's his toy, but don't you think the dog would enjoy it more?

* Have you read that Lorrie Moore story "Terrific Mother"?

* Have you reconsidered calling him Chaz? I like Chaz, Chaz likes Chaz. We all agree on this, right?

* Do you think if we tie his right hand behind his back we can turn him into a left-handed middle reliever?

* Why are you doing that? Are you sure you should do that? I don't have any kids, but I'm not sure you should do that.

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