Exhibit 27.22


* Enjoyed this Zadie Smith piece from the NY Review of Books on Facebook and "Generation Why?"

* Unfortunately, "Generation Why?" was the title of everyone born after 1980's coming-of-age novel so now we're just going to have to skip a generation. I look forward to everyone born after 1990's coming-of-age novel, "September 11th Birthday."

* Dave writes about publishing (both getting yourself published and publishing others) right here.

* For a more complete The Cupboard origin story, I suggest reading the old interview we did with Chris Higgs on HTML Giant here. Maybe it's because The Cupboard is about to change again, but I'm getting all wistful.

* I'm also wistful for when this blog used to be all cute dog photos and cupcake recipes. To make it up to you, here's Brett hunting the most dangerous game: baby.

* O, Charlie, don't you know the camera is simply a distraction? Behind you! Behind you!

* I hope this once and for all answers the question of what would happen if a bunch of plane babies washed up on an island. They'd be photographed with cute dogs then blogged about.

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