Exhibit 27.19


For the first time, The Cupboard actually needs checks. Previously we'd been able to get by with debit cards, PayPal, and loans from Dave and myself that never get paid back. But now we've made it (as indicated by us now having an archaic and senseless way of paying bills).

Ordering checks was not easy. The very nice, very American man from Deluxe was having some issues with our business model.

Me: They should say 'The Cupboard.'
Guy: Spell that.
Me: [Spells that]
Guy: O, right. Ka-pub-oar-ed.
Me: No. Cup-board. Like where you keep dishes.
Guy: What?
Me: You know, like where that Indian lives.
Guy: Cu-pa-boe-urd, right?
Me: Yes, exactly.

I just want you to know this so that when we write you a check, you know it's not actually from The Koopafort. It's from us. Also, the check is bad.

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