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Stamp Stories

The good folks at MudLuscious Press asked me to contribute to their stamp stories project and I obliged. These are 1" x 1" stories that get sent out when you order from MudLuscious and other contributing presses. My story will be sent out with orders from Ampersand Books. Those books look great. You want those books.

Also, starting with our next volume, The Cupboard will once again be mailing out stamps, this time from Scott Garson and Joanna Howard. Excited.

If you're interested, here are the other options I gave MLP: (one of these is actually my favorite)

The detective solved the murder this way: everyone did it or the heir confessed or the blood is in the foyer or the widow got everything or eureka! or the conspiracy disbanded or nothing happened and there is no body and no knives and everyone is fine forever.

I hold my breath and become more of myself. Vowing to keep only the things near the center of me, I bury the rest in sand. The enemies I’ve made of my eyes, the spies of my fingers—I despair over the places they’ve been that I never really was.

When she awoke, she remembered something about hands but could not remember if the feeling came from a dream or a nightmare or if she’d roll over to find someone clapping.

If you want to read the one MLP chose, order from them or Ampersand and cross your fingers. I promise, you'll get something much better than the stamp.

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