Exhibit 26.24

I Need to Post Something

Because that last post is depressing me. Here are things happening right this moment that aren't depressing me:

The team of businessmen at this coffee shop loudly plotting a convenience store

The barista's apparent love of bongo-driven percussion

The prospect of newborn convenience stores

Spelling my students' names

The sentence "Do we really need that much Keystone Light?"


Anonymous said...

The bongo-driven percussion makes me think Waldo's. The businessmen make me think Brazil. The Keystone Light makes me think Dane's couch. My being at Antidote makes me think not Antidote. It's Dane's couch, isn't it. He has a penchant for business & bongos.

A. Peterson said...

Actually the speaker of the Keystone Light sentence was a very serious man in a suit.

It was about 11:30 a.m. He put his elbows on the table, leaned closer to the other suited men, took off his glasses, raised his hands as if asking for forgiveness, said, "Do we really need that much Keystone Light?"

The other men informed him that's how much their other locations ordered. Glasses returned to incredulous eyes, plans to continue the meeting at Subway were made.

Anonymous said...

All your prose has done little to convince me this wasn't taking place on Dane's couch.

Dave Madden said...

Wait so am I to understand that while at Starbuck's using the Internet you sat near a group of men in a suit trying to plan the opening of a new convenience store?

Oh! The material!