Exhibit 26.18

Artifacts from Here

Entrepreneurial Chicken

Apple Shrine

Pillow Doghouse


Sometimes I think my ancestors robbed a passing wagon train in the 1850s and have decorated using the plunder ever since. I'm not making fun of anyone, of course. I just find all this stuff amazing. Like, if you asked me where to get a wicker chicken, I wouldn't have the slightest idea. Or at least I wouldn't have before. Now I know: my new apartment.

And thanks to the Randian spirit of my new roommate/business partner/chicken, I've already reserved the URL for my Houston-based apartment listing website: Realty Bits.

Okay, very little of that is true.

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Pete said...

Taken out of context, our parents' belongings are simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. Kind of like that place out in western Kansas, the Garden of Eden.