Exhibit 26.14

Family Week

It's family week here at SPM. Well, not really, but I'm at my parents' place. So far this morning I've:

* Listened to someone debate Ann Taylor customer service on the telephone
* Spent more than an hour trying to get an inkjet printer to work despite its insistence on a new cyan cartridge
* Learned the complicated rules for bottle recycling
* Learned the complicated rules for coffee ground disposal
* Counted the number of icons on a parent's computer desktop: 82
* Agreed that it's going to be hot out
* Been asked to raise the thermostat anyway
* Engaged in speculation over what my sister is doing right now
* Prepared myself to discuss routine car maintenance later
* Explained facebook and the advantages/disadvantages of joining it

I'm not sure, but I think I might have gained some insight into my teenage years. All I want to do is listen to grunge and drive around town. Maybe later I'll write lyrics to an emo song and promise myself I'll learn to play the guitar this fall. Any Taylor Loft/you've all gone soft/etc. Basically, I'm going to re-form the New Radicals before 3, get kicked out of the band by 5, and change my oil at 6.

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jimStock said...

Is the graphic wanting to imply this is imagery or Nine Inch Nails, because Trent Reznor ain't rakin' no leaves.