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How to Greet the Pope

There are so many things that are great about this eHow article not the least of which is its existence after I had to search for that exact phrase. Well, I guess I didn't have to, but if I didn't, I wouldn't have known that greeting the pope was Moderately Easy when all this time I thought it was Near Impossible. Since it's important to have goals, I'm in.

I've already got fully half of the things I'll need to meet His Holiness though I think maybe the writer forgot some things in his or her rush to remind us to purchase airline tickets. I'll also need:

* Shirt to wear under suit
* Pope tie featuring not-dead pope
* Good, ring-kissing lips
* Hotel reservation or pope's floor-appropriate sleeping bag
* Copy of The Da Vinci Code for him to sign
* List of pope-approved conversation topics like "Are there, like, pope ghosts?" or "What's the deal with pantsuits?"
* A fake scar so I look scary when walking the mean streets of Vatican City

Between all that and airline tickets, I can't think of a single thing standing between me and hanging out with the pope. Thanks, eHow. I can't wait to delve into this author's other articles:

Hey, I already know how to do two of those things!

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