Exhibit 25.3

A Follow-up to Yesterday

Things That Are Actually in Nebraska

* Buffalo Bill Cody shot glasses

* Sometimes cranes, sometimes not

* Along the Oregon Trail, numerous tombstones for children who died of cholera, children with names like "Nads" and "Aaron Tagge is a Homo." You have to wade through a lot of buffalo skeletons to find them, however.

* All the country's best Platte Rivers

* That guy who looks like Jared Leto (ed note: I'm not convinced that guy isn't actually Jared Leto and we're all just pretending otherwise so we don't have to talk about his band).

* Jealousy of Iowa and Colorado, ambivalence toward Kansas, disdain for South Dakota

* This Man

* Kila Ka'aihue, apparently forever

* NebraSKA, a made up ska festival I always feared someone would start


jimStock said...

Wait a minute; Jealousy of Iowa...explain.

jimStock said...

*delicious walleye

A. Peterson said...

I refer solely to their natural advantage in soil moisture for the production of maize.

The bastards.

carlinthemarlin said...

People keep telling me that Jared Leto looking guy is named Travis, and that he helps publish a journal of local writers called "The Lincoln Zoo." Not only is this a terrible name for a journal, but also come on, that's clearly Jared fucking Leto.