Exhibit 24.25


I try not to use this blog to mock anything other than myself. And so I want to be clear, I'm not mocking this video. I love this video.

Other things that are unknowable miracles:

Metal cone coffee filters
Fish, all fish
The metric system
Magnets (still)
Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger
A bucket of puppies
Those doors that open at the top and the bottom


Anonymous said...

God damn it, I was going to post about this video. You've gone & stolen all of my unironic, genuine-enthusiasm-for-God thunder. Now I'm just going to have to get what I can out of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDS-OpND0oM

So thank you for ruining my blog.

jimStock said...

To be fair, I would have guessed the only computer generated background ICP could afford for one of their videos would be a still shot of a Windows 95 desktop with an open game of Minesweeper. (In other words; quit giving these dudes money, people!)

A. Peterson said...

I too was amazed by the quality of the effects. How were they able to do that?

My guess? Effin' magnets.

Kyla Zoe Rafert said...

"There's magic everywhere in this bitch".

carlinthemarlin said...

I love the all white suites, as if now we can take them seriously.