Exhibit 24.19

On Editing A Novel #19


O man O man O man. The Master? What? No? Yes! That's just an awesome name. I've got to use this. Yes. Yes. Yes. Maybe I should just make that my pen name? No. No. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Calm down. O, good lord, LeMaster. First things, first. This novel is now about Johnnie LeMaster. Goodbye, Cornelius Buttons. Obviously, he can't be a butler anymore. He's got to be a, I don't know, the best at something. What was the real Johnnie LeMaster the best at? I guess the back of this baseball card will tell me. Jesus, nevermind. Okay, my Johnnie LeMaster is going to be completely different. First of all, he would hit higher than .220. Not that he needs to in his line of international espionage/mixed martial arts competitions but come on, no one named Johnnie LeMaster should be a light-hitting infielder. I will keep the mustache. Yes. Tagline: He bats 1.000...with the ladies! Yes! No! He can't be a baseball player. Or can he? He's definitely not a reticent butler tormented by missed opportunities. Which means he doesn't have a meaningful relationship with his Lord Windermere. Or maybe that's his nemesis? Yes! He'll need some kind of physical deformity then. Easy enough to do a find and replace green eyes for robot eyes. Great. Is Master even French for 'master?' I don't know. O, man, I forgot about Miss Farraday. Obviously Johnnie LeMaster isn't going to keep his feelings bottled up. No, he's going to... knock this one out of the park! Ah, that's no good. He'll just have to seduce her than kill her when he discovers she's a double agent working for the evil robot Windermere. I mean, she's his housekeeper, but she's also, I don't know, his assassin or something. She "dusts the shelves" could easily be she "dusts off a few agents." Good. Now let's pull back a bit. So we've got Johnnie LeMaster. He's the best at most things, including Bolivian judo. There's the nemesis. There's the mustache. He can actually hit a fastball but he'll choose not to. He's an undercover butler. But it's all for naught if I don't get a cooler pen name than his. Maybe somebody else on the 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates can help. Frobel? Foli? This explains why they lost 100 games. Well, Johnnie LeMaster could be both of our names, I guess. Memoirs are in. Holy hell everything is going to be so easy now that this novel is titled Johnnie LeMaster in The Remains of Farraday. Tagline: This summer, the butler did it. Yes!

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