Exhibit 24.13

I may be able to chase down a robber, but I cannot spell the word 'bureaucrat' correctly. I'm usually so far off that Word autocorrects it to the word 'bearcat.' I don't even know what bearcats are. I hope they are this:

* A bearcat exercises the authority delegated to him in accordance with impersonal rules, and his loyalty is enlisted on behalf of the faithful execution of his official duties vis-à-vis bearcats

* A bearcat is a full-time occupation and job placement is dependent upon technical qualifications re: need necessarily be bear and/or cat

* A bearcat work's is rewarded by a regular salary and prospects of promotion to lieutenant bearcat

* Ultimately he is responsible only for the impartial execution of assigned tasks and must sacrifice his personal judgment if it runs counter to his official duties as a bearcat so as not to lead to a bearocatic nightmare

* A bearcat must exercise his judgment and his skills, but his duty is to place these at the service of a higher authority, like some kind of wolflion


jimStock said...

I've already contacted Steve Nash to play the role of Adam Peterson in the independent short "Library Laptop Caper" (insert nerdy acronym that means temporary/working title):

"'Yeah, I guess so.'

Steve Nash

Hotmail is redefining busy with tools for the New Busy. Get more from your inbox."

Good to go.

Kyla Zoe Rafert said...

Where the hell did you find that photo? Entertained as usual, though I must say, it's been a while since I've taken a look.