Exhibit 23.26

Things I Want You to Remember About Me After I Die Playing Basketball Tonight

1. I thought playing full-court was a dumb idea
2. I never would have died if I'd been playing small forward
3. My favorite team name was "Poetry in Motion"
4. My only heart condition was team spirit
5. Also, enlargement
6. I died the same way as William Blake--playing a zone defense
7. I would have appreciated my team using my death as a distraction to run a fast break which would have led to a foul and our team making one of two freethrows
8. My only regret was once saying I'd play basketball
9. My last thought was to wonder if Gatorade would have prevented this
10. In the movie, I want to have a kid who overcomes his fear of basketball to come off the bench for Division II Fort Hays State University

Please feel free to forget everything about me unrelated to basketball.


Anders Peterson said...

your surviving this experience may already be a foregone conclusion, but i still have one basketball-/movie-related request to at least keep you alive until 2010 spring training: if you see 2pac and his crew skulking around, avoid them at all costs. that crew is b-a-d unless you're committed to going with a single word (preferably 4-letter) moniker-- "adam" or "a-dam" would do-- learning to oop and not just alley, and it would be best, it seems, to be born on the 8th of march (like leon!), which you were. with these items in place, you have my blessing to go forth and be humbled by your current lung capacity (i never realized what a superhero i was at 10-13), and feel free to hum shaq's shoot/pass/slam jam to yourself to pump your shit up-- it always worked for me... get'outta my way, get'outta my way, get'outta my way...

jimStock said...

You do resemble Steve Nash more than anyone else, including Steve Nash.
(Santa Clara Nash, not that aristocratic Phoenix Nash)((Come to think of it, you resemble ALL Canadians. Not sure if it's a one-to-one conversion for basketball skills))