Exhibit 23.17


* Tarpaulin Sky's always excellent review blog takes on the second volume of The Cupboard here. Just a completely generous and unexpected reading of James's really great volume. Made me go back and read it again myself over the break.

* By the way, you can order that or any of the other volumes here. Subscribing is only $15. The Cupboard. We try.

* The nascent sports blog The Realness Hurts has been prepping through the winter and is, at least for me, about to get going. I think I might write about trying to become a Houston Rockets fan (and basketball fan). Also, I still owe myself a Royals off/season recap.

*Did you know you can download and read Kelly Link's amazing collections Stranger Things Happen and Magic for Beginners for free? You want to do this and then go buy the books to support her and the press. Really cool you can do this.


Anonymous said...

It would give me great pleasure to watch you "become a Houston Rockets."

A. Peterson said...

Now I've fixed my error and you look ridiculous.

christopher higgs said...

Don't do it, Adam! You know you are only setting yourself up for heartbreak come playoffs -- we always crush the Rockets (as evidenced by Tuesday's game).

You going to AWP? If you want, I'll bring you a Kobe t-shirt.

carlinthemarlin said...

Kobe is evil. A good player, and not a cancer to his team like Iverson, but evil, like Mike Tyson or the bad guy from Time Bandits (Time Bandits? Anyone?).

The Realness Hurts will soon become the greatest sports blog ever as I will also soon be posting for rizzles o'er there.

Vernacular oddities from both contemporary rap music and pre-postmodern English poetry in one sentence! Back to back! WTF!

My work here is done.