Exhibit 23.13

Things To Do on a 12-Hour Drive

1) Wake up two hours after starting, look around to make sure this is the right road, it is, shrug

2) Think about the books you might be listening to, decide listening to books is wrong, do this all out loud, at gas station

3) Eat Lemonheads, promise self to eat more Lemonheads in the future, wonder if Evan Dando is now dating Rhett Miller

4) Oklahoma

5) Discover that paying tolls with $50 bills requires extensive security screening, make ill-advised yet topical joke about airport security not being so tough

6) Drink root beer for the first time in several years, wonder why, decide Adam Duritz is probably dating Evan Dando and that your new thing is going to be saying Barq's as a swear word

7) Ponder whether or not Gene Autry, OK was named before the actor, think about stopping to ask, realize the exit was 37 miles ago

8) Pull it together

9) Settle on the weirdest person in your phonebook to call, resist the temptation to call them, Dad

10) Give up on Dallas, no matter where you are driving to/from, just do it, it's time

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