Exhibit 21.27


* The siblings of our blackjack dealer from Thursday: Jim, Carol, Stacy, Tom, Ed, Phil

* Our dealer's name: Thaddeus

* Things I would say if I were a mid-90s comedian - Something about how in a set of silverware no one uses the big spoons or the small forks unless all of the normal-sized utensils are dirty

* Things seen in Nebraska that I will never see again: Snow, Justin Hickman

* Today's temperature in Houston: 85

* CD that has been in my car for days:

* Unanswered questions from Thursday: So did anyone get fired?

* Things implied by an email I just received about an upcoming reading: the elderly author is going to be dead soon.

* Things I would say if I were a mid-90s Canadian - So you guys want to go see The Tragically Hip or should we stay home and watch Life With Mikey?

* Eating scorecard: 1/2

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