Exhibit 21.22

Odds on the headline of the inevitable Sports Illustrated cover story about UH quarterback Case Keenum

Off the Board - On the Case: Houston's Quest for the Championship
3/1 - A Difficult Case: Keenum's Cougars Baffle the BCS
4/1 - Case File: Houston's Rise to the Top
8/1 - Cold Case: Houston's QB Is Cool Under Pressure
15/1 - Just in Case: Going Undefeated Isn't Enough for UH
50/1 - Case Study: How Keenum's Cougars Just Win
100/1 - Brief Case: Everything you need to know about the Cougars
130/1 - A Case for Perfection: Houston Might Go Undefeated
175/1 - Head Case: Keenum is just crazy enough to win
8 Million/1 - Paul's Case: Keenum Owes It All to Willa Cather

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