Exhibit 21.7


I'm sure at some point this will change, but so far in my two weeks in Houston I haven't read the Chronicle once. Occasionally I'll hear someone make a reference to a local news story and I'll just sort of stare blankly as if I cannot imagine how they came by this information. Honestly, someone could tell me that the Normans razed Pearland and my only response would be to ask where Pearland is and if that's where I need to go to get a key to my office.

None of this is interesting. What is interesting is that while I thus far refuse to read about or even acknowledge Houston as a city that exists outside of the range of my computer's speakers, I cannot stop myself from reading the North Platte Bulletin, the second paper from a city of 20,000 that I haven't lived in since 1998. I'm going to want to know things like this:

A dude with a secret Wheaties-based bait caught the biggest fish of his life? Someone should tell the Normans.


Heather Green said...

Some Houston-based news, via NY, via Marti.


I really can't wait to go there, and not just to "buy a dress for my son."

Ryan said...

How dare you call the North Platte Bulletin the "2nd" newspaper in North Platte?