Exhibit 19.7

A Cumulative and Evolving List of the People I Would Want on My Team Should Any of the Following Occur: 1) War between Robots and Humanity Fought across Post-Nuclear Wastelands, 1983, and the Guns 'N Roses-Era 1990s; 2) War between Aliens and Humanity Fought in Space or on Recently Colonized Planets Undergoing Terraforming until Communication Break Down Following Mysterious Wreckage Discovery Being Investigated by a Team of Space Marines of which I am a Member; 3) War between Aliens and Robots and Humans Involving Any of the Previously Mentioned Conditions Excluding the Guns 'N Roses-Era 1990s Sub-Clause; 4) Rogue Marines Take Over Alcatraz and Threaten San Francisco with Stolen Chemical Weapons in Order to Force the United States Government to Acknowledge Their Fallen Comrades Whose Deaths Occurred During Illegal, Clandestine Missions and Who are Using Human Hostages to Prevent Direct Assault from Government Fighter Jets; 5) Scenario Identical to Scenario 4 Only the Disillusioned Marines are Using Hostile Aliens and/or Robots as Hostages; 6) All Prior Scenarios are Null and Void Should Any Coincidentally be Occurring in a Deep Sea Exploration Scenario Where High Pressure Nervous Syndrome Might Be a Possibility; 7) Maybe I Just Want to Talk through Some Stuff; 8) Amendment to Scenario 6, Not Null and Void If There are non-Water Based Hostile Aliens in the Deep Sea Exploration Scenario, Even if Said Aliens are Different than the Aliens at War with Humanity in Scenarios 2,3, and 5; 9) Whatever Happens in the Cancelled CBS Drama "The Magnificent Seven;" 10) Game of Horseshoes, "Polish" or standard; 11) Whatever Happens in the Cancelled CBS Drama "The Magnificent Seven" plus Aliens and Robots but Not Minus Shotguns; 12) A Predator is Running around and We Can't Find Danny Glover

1. Cross-Armed Michael Biehn

That's the list.

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