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* I feel like I can post this now that the Royals have won 4 in a row and the seagull game is a distant memory, but Joe Posnanski had a comprehensive rundown of embarrassing things the Royals have done during this era of futility. My favorite is still the time in 2005 they led off the game batting out of order. Retrosheet describes the situation toward the bottom of this page.

At the time I remember the general reaction being somewhat muted as it was almost so unprecedented that no one quite realized how dumb this was. The Royals lost that game 5-0, as if after David DeJesus had to bat twice to start the game they just said screw it and decided to try harder the next day. Or they realized Runelvys Hernandez was the pitcher and that it didn't really matter anyway.

* The question: Which guy from Three Men and a Baby is your favorite/would make the best cake? The answer.

* Here's another great interview with Chris Higgs where he says interesting things and insists that he doesn't have children. I'm sure it won't surprise Chris to learn I disagree with a fair bit of what he says--he obviously has children if people are asking him about them--yet we often times end up loving the very same books. I don't know how or why that happens, but I like it.

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