Exhibit 19.2

Damn, someone has already taken the title I was planning on using for my novel.

I'd even mocked up a cover.

From the sounds of it, his book isn't about using a greyhound strapped with TNT to kill the president so I should still be okay there.

The president is a dog racing fan, you see, and he naturally wants to pet the winner, a dog trained since birth to do two things: run fast and kill the president. Well, three things if you count sitting.

You know what, it would probably be easier if you just read it. I don't like to explain what I'm trying to say with my work. You can figure out for yourself that it's about my estranged father.


A. Peterson said...

Couple of things:

1. I don't mean to make fun of that novel. I'm sure it's great.

2. It took me approximately nine hours to make that book cover.

Unknown said...

i'm working on a book cover...could definitely use your help.

A. Peterson said...

I hope the book is about dogs. Otherwise we're going to have to make it about dogs in editing.

Unknown said...

ok, so we have some editing to do.

Sarah405 said...

I was a bit surprised to see that the real cover involved a seemingly naked man reenacting that water scene in flashdance. Or maybe a police hosing at a nudist's protest? Where are the puppies?