Exhibit 18.22

Ten Things I've Learned After a Year of Reading Mary Worth

1. Don't go on the Internet
2. That childhood tragedy must be what's affecting my ice skating
3. Don't publicly admit to reading Mary Worth
4. For god's sake, certainly not on the Internet
5. Everyone except Mary Worth is trying to hurt you
6. Daniel Johnston is a-okay
7. Don't love anyone or anything (especially on the Internet)
8. My hair will never be shiny enough for my parents (or your parents)
9. Women love plain, circular earrings - I mean, love them
10. It's wrong

Whatever it is, it's wrong.


Adam R said...

It would require going on the Internet, but it might be worth it if you haven't seen this yet:


A. Peterson said...

Ha! That video is definitely worth a watch. Thanks.