Exhibit 18.20

Upon Investigation of U-Haul Prices, Things I Won't Be Taking to Houston

Forks and knives (will make do with spoons)
Cape from 2006's Count Chocula costume
Pots (will make do with pans)
Sense of shame
All five copies of If on a winter's night a traveler...
Old pictures of Ryan
Long obsolete 39 cent stamps
Books propping up couch
Coffee table
Coffee maker
Coffee grinder
Coffee mugs
Pictures of Civil War General John Coffee
Cape from 2007's Super Humphrey Bogart costume
My favorite tree
Both pens I carry (will make do with one)
Love for one parent (will make do with one)
Fleeting interest in Premier League soccer
All five crystal punch bowls
Sega Genesis/G.I. Joes/childhood memories
Collection of Supreme Court Justices' death masks
Need to have a guitar I can't play in house
(I will be moving the guitar, I just won't need it)
Health insurance
Any Cupboard responsibilities
Top hat and corncob pipe for snowmen
Interest in Nebraska's next license plate


Mathias Svalina said...

i call dibs on the pen.

carlinthemarlin said...

YES! My super Humphrey Bogart costume is finally coming together.

jimStock said...

You can also leave behind any steers or qu.....quinoa.

Whitney said...

Yeah, who the heck ever needed ankles anyway? Glad you came to your senses!