Exhibit 18.3

So Mathias clearly won blogging this week with his series of Google posts. Just go check them out now. There's nothing I can do to top that. I quit.

Here are some posts started and abandoned.

Reconstructed live blog of watching baseball with Anders on Tuesday

7:00p.m. - Yes, I will have a beer. Only one, probably.
10:00p.m. - Wait, the game is over? Who won?
2:00a.m. - Um, I should go home now.

That sums it up. By the way, I've never posted it before but I will now that my jealousy has subsided. This is Anders in the greatest Royals-related photo of the past decade:
God I love that picture. Somehow he managed to both catch a fly ball and see an awkward John McCain and Sarah Palin at a restaurant after a game. Needless to say, I hate him.

I hold an imaginary conversation with this girl

Me: You have really fantastic penmanship.
Girl: Thanks.
Me: But why don't your exclamation points have dots underneath?
Girl: I can't afford them with all of these taxes.
Me: Jesus, it's always that with you isn't it, little girl?

I post a random Dwight Yoakam performance from the 1980s

I answer one of the questions posed in those Google searches

Q: Is Gordon Ramsey having an affair?
A: Who? I'll still say maybe.


Anders Peterson said...

now i am truly, TRULY famous-- finally. :D

Pete said...

My main man Dwight is killing it in that clip.