Exhibit 17.8

If you like, I have two short-short-short things up on Opium's website here. You probably don't like. I'm pretty on the fence myself, but I am very grateful to Opium (which rocks).

My things are mostly notable for having truly awful titles

While writing these many months back, I remember this being a point I was trying to make. I can't imagine why. It seemed important at the time. You know, sort of like how parents name their kids something really horrible as a statement then wake up one day to realize they have a five-year old named "Moving to Texas."

What do you mean that's not a thing?

I think that's a thing.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed "an Explosion". I do not know if it is true, or fiction, but I loved the commitment they had to each other, even though life was not what was expected. It touched me, which is why I wrote a comment. Thank you for it.

jimStock said...

The estimated reading time I was quoted seemed a little off. It took me more like 2 hours than an hour and a half.
No, I'm joking, I only read the titles.

carlinthemarlin said...

Having seen names such as "Friday," "Love," and "Albino," come across my desk at work, I'm going to say that is a thing.

Unknown said...

gail brings us our mail too...