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* My college friend Mallory was mentioned in the New York Times yesterday. That's pretty cool by itself, about as cool as you can get, really, but her description takes it to another level:

"The radical technologist, Mallory Knodel, 25, of the Lower East Side, writes code to help further leftist causes. She said Drupal had been helpful for her group, May First/People Link, a network that includes trade unions and political pranksters who oppose globalization."

I would kill to be a radical technologist. I might get the business cards printed up just in case it ever happens for me.

And I know they are referring to her politics here, but if it's okay with everyone--especially Mallory--I'm just going to go ahead and assume that, in addition to her politics, she is engaged in some kind of supervillainy. I wouldn't put it past her.

I don't really know, but I assume Fox's new hit drama Fringe is about such things. Oh, who am I kidding, I totally know.

Anyway, the point here is that Mallory is awesome. I remember once trying to explain to her the 200-level astronomy class I'd taken. I'd say her reaction was akin to a parent listening to their child describe the marshmallow castle they planned on living in as an adult. She just seemed sad.

* My brother's radio show is hitting its stride and has had some quality guests recently, including all-around great guy Scott Hales who shares the list of people he's going after when he gets back from Afghanistan. You can always find the downloadable version at their blog here.

* Joe Posnanski's new column is a heartbreaking story of a Royals scout who's both A) Getting married at 81 to a girl he first proposed to in 1958 and B) Very excited about Royals prospect Derrick Robinson. I don't know whether to cry or take my proposed 2012 Royals lineup out of my hope chest and start modifying. I've never told you about my hope chest? Hmm, I sort of wish I hadn't now. As you might imagine, it's mostly full of fake business cards.


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