Exhibit 16.14

Ever since my car battery was disconnected a week or so ago my "anti-theft" factory stereo has been silent until I could track down the code which would again grant me access to my Oasis CDs.

I'm joking about some of that. Guess which part?

Let's hope you were right.

So on the drive back from Kansas City, on the way to work, on the way home from work, on the way to the monster truck races, etc. I've had nothing but silence and, occasionally, the thrill of having seen a car eat another car.

I'm joking about...oh, to hell with it.

Let me see if I can replicate the drive back from Kansas City for you:

Kansas: [amber waves of grain]
Missouri: [complicated Civil War legacy]
Iowa: [Burger King]
Nebraska: [corn rustling/wrestling]

Anyway, this is just a preface to the real reason I'm posting.


Good, now we all know it. I'm going to be calling you next time this happens.

I realize this means you could steal my car stereo, put it in your car, and listen to my copy of Be Here Now. That's a risk I'm willing to take.

If you're so inclined, my car is going to be in a poorly lit section of the little-guarded long-term parking lot of the Omaha airport starting tonight. So, um, knock yourself out if you want to listen to "D'You Know What I Mean?"

You probably don't want to listen to "D'You Know What I Mean?"

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