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Stock Photography Review

As it's not unusual to find details that are just slightly off in stock photography used in America--a t-shirt in German, an automobile that you eventually realize has its steering wheel on the "wrong" side--I thought I'd take a look at how other nationalities get treated. I tried to take an image off of the first page of the search results whenever possible.

Except for with the Dutch. Nothing came up for the Dutch. My apologies to everyone in Nijmegen.


Dr. Golding was on his way to a costume party at Secretary Williams's flat in Kingston when a man stopped and asked if he might take the good doctor's photo. The doctor was self-conscious of the costume but was flattered the outfit worked so well, especially since he had spent the best of the previous night sewing the fake dreadlocks into his hat and having his son, who was home from reading economics at Oxford, teach him how to roll the comically oversized cigar.

"Certainly, sir" he replied. "I'm in no great hurry. The Lady Williams considers it an insult for a guest to arrive on time. Oh, yes, naturally you'll want me to pretend to puff on my cigar. May I ask why you want the picture? Ah, you've run off. Good day, good day!"


Okay, look. We're all going to need to get our stories straight should Ms. Cooper come around asking about that report I did on Germany in the 6th grade. Clearly I had some facts wrong.

I mean, that climate does not look at all temperate and marine with foehn wind.


I knew they weren't to be trusted.

Oh, wait, we'd probably be the ones spying in this (or any other) scenario. Yep, never mind. Those Swedes are all right. Except for those things they had to say about the Norwegians.

Is the part of the stock photography review where I mention Jill Biden is sort of hot? Well, it's going to have to be. Jill Biden is sort of hot.


So maybe the Swedes were on to something because these Norwegians seem a little...off. I don't even know what's happening here, but if I had to guess I'd say its the most sterile murder in history.


Looks like someone surrendered to sleep. Am I right? Who's with me?

[high five]


This is so racist.


This is so racist.

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