Exhibit 15.21


* The Omaha-area radio show my brother and his friends do (and that I mentioned here) is now available in podcast form here. Understandably, as it was their first show, it gets off to a rocky start but then they turn my brother's mic off and everything is okay until they turn it back on again. There's some great stuff on using public money to build a stadium. Here's a summary: don't.

* I don't think I have yet linked to The Home Video Review of Books. If you find my own book reviews pedestrian and unenlightening, you'll like it. This review of Craig Santos Perez's from Unincorporated Territory is my favorite:

I just like how it ends with the camera distracted by the bikers. If I were to review this review, I'd give it thumbs. If I were to review this review of this review, I'd do so in the New York Review of Books next to a caricature of John Updike.

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Pete said...

Despite your feelings for the show as a whole, I felt like I really was great with the mic off.

It is kind of like that Flight of the Conchords episode where Jemaine and Murray debate whether they were better off with Bret or a tape recorder as the other band member and do a pros vs. cons list. Hilarious stuff.