Exhibit 15.11

I recently read or re-read these two books, and while I don't feel like I have the critical faculty to say anything particularly illuminating about them, I thought I should mention them so you too can experience the goodness.

Novel Pictorial Noise - Which only has one bizarrely inconsequential customer review on Amazon.com (speaking of which, if you're looking for the best customer review ever, it's definitely here. My mouth is permanently agape after that. Be warned: that review will cost you your wonderment).

As in Every Deafness - So, so good. I think I bought the last of Amazon's copies when I gave it away as a gift, but you get it from Flood Editions. If you hide a prison shank in it, it will change someone's life.

If you're curious, and lord knows you shouldn't be, I've been avoiding novels and watching movies/reading poetry while I'm doing this thing I'm doing. That's why this blog has been so movie heavy the last few weeks. I felt like I was getting a little John Irving-y while reading Garp so now I'm only enjoying work that has creative syntax or car chases or, preferably, both.

As for this thing I'm doing, it's building model airplanes, of course.

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