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I received a copy of the new issue yesterday and it's chock full of good work that deserves your attention and a story of mine that does not.

My story is mostly notable for not being titled "Spotty" despite the insistence of one Dave Madden. Its actual title, "The Third Time I Saw a Spot," is possibly an even worse choice, but I've never had a harder time titling a story and after a certain point I just gave up. Here's the plot: a man develops a large spot in the center of his vision that won't go away. What does one title a story like that? Apparently not "Spotty."

(What does one title an essay about pet taxidermy? Definitely "Stay," right? Right.)

I wouldn't mind retitling the story for my own sanity's sake so if you have suggestions, feel free to pass them along. Oddly, I had the perfect title when I first thought of the story until I remembered that Mark Haddon had already used A Spot of Bother.

Oh, while I'm at it, I might as well embarrass myself with some of the other titles I tried. Off the top of my head:

"A Spot"
"The Spot"
"A Bale of Turtles"
"Daniel Tersi" (ed note: there is no one in the story named Daniel Tersi. Ugh.)
"Spot (Singular)"

Awful, just awful.


jimStock said...

'Sex Marks the Spot'
Of course this is probably labeling your story a porn, but hey, look at sales. And you may want to rename your character 'Mark', or 'Sex'.

My 'word verification' security word was 'bactat'. Your character should for sure have a token bactat. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

maybe you & dave can collaborate on a story about taxidermy and neurological vision problems called Stay, Spot, Stay.