Exhibit 14.4

To-Do List for Tuesday, October 11th

1. Recycle previously used idea for blog post
2. Learn how to strike through text using HTML

4. Mention to four disinterested people that today in Lincoln is totally like that Guns N' Roses song and then, after they say, "Yeah, it's November and it's raining," say, "Oh, I was thinking of 'Mr. Brownstone'"
5. Reverence up some veterans
6. Talk to dog like she's a baby
7. Look around empty apartment to see if anyone saw #6
8. Use my strengths to find and buy a Coke
9. Unnecessarily link to old blog posts
10. Finish Chapter Six
11. Regret Chapter Six
12. Think about Obama/pass out for a little while
13. Email potential trades I've made up to relevant GMs
14. Let go of concern that people can't read this
15. Wait it all out

I'm doing pretty good all things considered. If you have any leads for #3, please be in touch.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of Paradise City.

A. Peterson said...

I thought the funniest response would be naming that Charles Manson cover on The Spaghetti Incident? but I couldn't think of the title when I was writing this and figured it would be cheating to look it up.

I have since looked it up, and the song is called "Look at Your Game, Girl."