Exhibit 14.10

Updated Map of My Neighborhood

Since I last updated the map the city has added several more holes which close off both of my convenient routes to work unless I want to find myself enholed. And by work I, of course, mean going to the plasma center and dropping a few pints to buy a few pints.

It's okay if you didn't laugh. That's just our little plasma donating joke. It's not for everyone.

Oh, and I discovered which of my neighbors is using a garage to run a home mechanic business which really seems to be booming. I badly want to take my car there, but I feel like there might be a code I don't know. And my car is working okay. Still, it's nice to know they're around fixing cars and using a code.

Anyway, for the moment, my route to work looks like this:

And I don't even get to drive by the Nehru Memorial Museum anymore.


Pete said...

The real question: how will I know if I have an unlicensed mechanic in my neighborhood? I mean, plasma centers and holes, and even Burger Kings are so much more easily identifiable.

Dusty said...

As a cartographer's son, I feel it's important that I tell you that most maps are oriented with north at the "top" of the map. And the way you know it's oriented "correctly" is that there's a little arrow pointing toward north.

The weird thing is you have such an arrow, which is, actually, pointing north on your map, though your labeling this arrow "Burger King" speaks volumes about your priorities.

jimStock said...

It looks like you can just take a left at the Lodi Colony station. But then you wouldn't be driving by the tennis stadium OR deer park.

Mathias Svalina said...

The unlicensed plasma center is horrible. I do not recommend it.