Exhibit 13.26

Election Predictions

Electoral Vote Count: Obama 353-1851
Percentage of Popular Vote: Obama 53.2
Percentage of Winner over Loser: Obama +6.9%
Democratic Senate Seats: 58 (including Sanders and Lieberman)
Time of Concession Speech: 11:35 (Eastern Time)
Dolphins (-9) vs. Seahawks: Seahawks2
Olivo vs. Buck: Olivo (apparently)
Sign of This Blog's Decline: Brett Photo
Percentage of Emails I'm Responding To: 30%
HTML I've Learned in the Last 10 Minutes: Superscripting
Time I'm Leaving Work to Go Watch Results: 4:403

Feel free to post your own predictions in the comments.

1 Obama wins Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, but loses Indiana and Missouri.
2 Don't get me wrong, I think the Dolphins win that game, but should they really be giving nine points? Seems like they're begging you to take the Seahawks but, well, I still would.
3 Joke!
4 I'm staying until five, boss, honest.

4 Totally not a joke.

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