Exhibit 13.8

Thus ends the 4th day in which I have forgotten to inform my landlord that one of the neighbors ran into the backyard fence with a car. As I'm pretty sure the neighbors aren't going to be bringing this up, all responsibility falls on me. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Unless of course my landlord reads this blog in which case he now knows. No, that's crazy talk. No one reads this blog.

To-Do List for Thursday, October 16th:

1. Tell landlord about auto accident involving his property.
2. Get people to read this blog in order to communicate personal messages to them in a more timely fashion.
3. What are you doing for lunch, Hickman? I'm up for whatever.
4. See how Brett keeps sneaking out of now-mangled backyard fence.
5. Make to-do list for Friday, October 17th.
6. Weep until sleep comes.
7. Cross "Crying" off of the to-do list for Friday, October 17th with sense of sorrow/accomplishment.
8. Reconsider how I present self on this blog before people get the wrong idea.

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. said...

adam... i read your blog. lucky for you, i don't know where you live. if i did, i might know your landlord. i don't know your landlord. i wonder if your landlord has a blog.