Exhibit 13.2

Adventures in Voicemail

Hi, Adam, it's your mom. Your father and I are at the Renaissance Fair and I was calling to see if you'd have any interest in one of these clay pots. They're really neat. Anyway, give me a call back if you get this and want a clay pot. We'll be here for awhile. They have donkeys, but I don't think your father wants to go on a ride until after we hear the Gaelic singers. Oh, I'll get you some honey, too. Bye.

I don't know when a mead-enthusiast, World of Warcraft-playing fifteen-year old replaced my mom, but I like it. This is much more fun and I do need honey. I'm calling this an upgrade.

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Anonymous said...

This is funny because I recently had a similair experience with my own mother, who called from a Civil War reinactment to ask if I wanted a handwoven basket. Or some handmade soap. I don't know why but the thought of handmade soap creeps me out. I declined.