Exhibit 13.17

Another great old trailer from a movie I watched the other night:

"He's as fast on the draw as he is in the drawing room."

Wow. This would have been my yearbook quote if I hadn't sold my quote to Jostens for an old-timey advertisement ("Jostens is the class of class rings, and that's my ringing endorsement!").

(Nothing about that last sentence is true or even logical. You deserve better).

In any case, I'm thinking of writing some similar lines for recent movies and then...well, there's really no step two here, is there?

Max Payne
"Maximillian Payne isn't just a name inherited from his zeidy. It's an apt description of what he provides his enemies."

Rachel Getting Married
"She's as high on love in the hearth as she is on smack in the conservatory."

High School Musical 3: Senior Year
"I don't understand what this is."

Okay, I need work.

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