Exhibit 12.26

There are some fantastic readings in Lincoln this week although there aren't any before Thursday. Until then you're stuck reading to yourself. Or call me. We can read each other random web pages until they become pornographic or anti-semitic or both simultaneously. At that point we'll close the computer and repeat the word blog to each other until Thursday happens.

Neither of these readings appear to have posters so I'll just give them the posters I think they'd want.

1. The Clean Part Reading Series

Peter Gizzi and Julie Carr
Thursday, October 9th
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery

2. The No Name Reading Series

Dave Madden and Michelle Menting
Friday, October 10th
Sur Tango Bar


Anonymous said...

I thought you said anti-semiotic.

carlinthemarlin said...

Clearly the best Death Wish, by the way.