Exhibit 11.18

So every morning before work I like to sit down and read the local paper's letters to the editor section online. Mostly I do this to make sure no one is complaining about something I did. So far so good.

Recently someone wrote in with what appeared to be a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Nascar be outlawed because it wastes gas. This proposal has since been debated over and over as if it were in any way a legitimate option. This, too, is why I read the letters.

While I read I'm often times clicking and highlighting the text. I do this while reading online, and don't imagine it's that uncommon of a habit. Usually this isn't much a problem except for sites that pop up definitions to words like 'is' when all I really want to do is keep reading about Georgia being taken over. Fine, whatever.

But now the Journal Star has started popping up information from Answers.com when you click on text. This is what I got this morning when I happened to click on 'honestly'

Single by Stryper! Christian Metal!

Finally, the answer to the question I've been asking all these years.

Me: I was just about to write this comment on the Internet about how maybe we shouldn't ban Nascar but should make them go slower and keep their tires full of air when I read this word that reminded me of a song by Stryper.
You: Who?
Me: You know, Stryper.
You: Is that pronounced like striper or stripper?
Me: I don't know.
You: You're pronouncing it like stripper.
Me: So do you remember their single from '87? I think it was their biggest hit.
You: I doubt they pronounce it like stripper if they're really Christians.
Me: It was the single between "Free" and "Always There For You."
You: Then again, they are metal.
Me: Argh, it's right on the tip of my tongue. I'm just going to start clicking on words.
You: Sometimes I think about where I might be if I'd married John.
Me: YES! Thanks, Answers.com!


carlinthemarlin said...

Sometimes, we all think about where we might be if we'd married John.

jasonberlin.com said...

If you change i to y, it's okay with Chryst. Just ask their sister band The Baby-Kylers.

Pete said...

If this would have happened to me, I would have never touched my computer again and just left it up as a shrine to the omnipotent hilarity of the Internet.

Pete said...

Also, I love the fact (and I think I remember seeing this in a Columbia House catalog) that their album is entitled, "To Hell With the Devil".

Now that's metal. Christian metal.