Exhibit 2.23

This is what it's like to be a Royals fan.

From today's Kansas City Star:

“[Last year] the Royals were set to receive outfielder Melky Cabrera in return. The deal was all but done until a strained thigh sidelined Sanders just before the trading deadline.”

Oh, Reggie Sanders. Go ahead and break my heart again.

I mean, I know Melky Cabrera may not be any great shakes yet, but he's only 23 and his season this year is positively David DeJesus-like. As opposed to Sanders, whose season this year was positively David Madden-like. Literally, I think Dave played in more baseball games this summer than Reggie Sanders. And even if Dave played in none, the most Reggie could beat him by is 24.

The thing is, things like this happen to the Royals all of the time. There are always these painful rumors/facts that wait like snakes in the middle of the most innocuous article or early-inning banter. Sometimes Paul Splitorff will just say something like, "Of course, we all know the Royals were set to take Kansas City-native Albert Pujols in the 14th round of that draft. Boy, he's worked out for the Cardinals." Or in the second to last paragraph of a game wrapup in the Star there will be a line like, "Sweeney, who hasn't played in a game since early May, was signed to a 5 year $55 million deal when the Royals decided against trading him to the Angels for John Lackey and using the money to lock up Carlos Beltran long term."

(Ed note: none of those things actually have come out. Yet.)

It's not a curse or anything. It's just the combination of desperation by a small market team that needs perfection to succeed, the frustration that sets in when that inevitably doesn't happen due to tight purse strings and shoddy management, and hope for the future that hinges on the gratitude of a team like the Yankees deciding they can't have anyone on their team who hits less than 15 home runs.

I don't even get sad anymore.


Dusty said...

David DeJesus. David DeJesus!

Thank you for giving me a new name to demand everyone call me by:

All: Excuse me, David DeJesus? Would you mind stepping off my toe?

Me: I would mind, lady. Now scram.

All: But, my toe...?

Me: Scram!

A. Peterson said...

I love everything about that scenario, but my favorite part is that the new David DeJesus calls everyone "Lady."